Music icon and Stimela frontman Ray Phiri snags young bride

Ray Phiri, 69, put the lyrics of his iconic song Whispers In The Deep into practice when he got hitched for the third time in his life a fortnight ago.

Some of the lyrics in the popular song say “phinda mzala”, loosely translated meaning “do it again”.

The madala tied the knot with his Venda sweetheart Rabelani Mulaudzi, 24, in a low-key traditional wedding held in Tshisauli village in Venda.ray-phiri-marries-jpg1a

Phiri, who is 45 years older than Mulaudzi, declined to comment on his nuptial.

“Who are you and what gives you the right to talk to me? I don’t want to talk to you, thank you,” he said.

Mulaudzi confirmed she wedded the dance wizard but refused to answer further questions about her pregnancy and the wedding ceremony.

“No no no, I don’t want to talk about my marriage. Where did you get my number from? I’m not willing to talk openly about my marriage. I don’t want to sound rude to you but I’m gonna get off the phone if you keep asking me questions about my marriage,” she said when probed.

News that the former Stimela band member was chugging down the panties of a woman 45 years his junior was revealed by musicians close to him.

One musician, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Phiri and Mulaudzi got hitched after dating for almost two years.

The musician said the two met at one of Phiri’s concerts in Mpumalanga early last year.

The artist said it was love at first sight and the two immediately started dating.

Another musician said Phiri decided to tie the knot with Mulaudzi after knocking her up.

“She was pregnant when they got married and they are expecting a kid,” he said.

The musician said this will be Phiri’s third marriage.

His first wife Daphney died in a car accident in Barberton in Mpumalanga in 2003.

Phiri was travelling on a gravel road when the vehicle overturned several times, instantly killing his wife.

His second wife Phumzile died of anemia last year.

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